Housing Exemplar: Eco Town Terrace

Strategic advice on brief development and design team appointment led to the client achieving their aims to innovate with this housing exemplar. The Eco Town Terrace was one of a series of demonstration projects devised by the Whitehill & Bordon Eco Town to test approaches to low energy buildings.

The design competition process identified a design team who could work creatively to deliver a sustainable, liveable and affordable carbon neutral housing exemplar. As well as achieving high standards of energy efficiency the project aimed to explore how a replicable carbon neutral terraced housing typology could contribute the character of the new Eco Town in the South Downs. Accurate advice as the project was being set out made sure that the client was able to identify a talented design team to creatively develop their design brief and deliver an innovative design that expanded the thinking about sustainability to day to day activities.

Juliet Bidgood – Project management / coordination / Brief writing.

Carl Middleton – www.carlmiddleton.co.uk

The competition was won by Ash Sakula Architects and was titled ‘Exhibition Mews’. https://www.ashsak.com/


Eco Town Terrace - winning entry